Things To Know About Before You Rent A Cooking Studio Here In Hong Kong

A cooking studio is a kitchen designed for clients who are professional chefs and want to open cooking classes for the citizens in the area. The setup of a cooking studio is similar to what we see in social as used by professional or Michelin chefs across the world. The classes held in these studios provide diploma in cookery certificates to their students. Attending these classes is not as costly as those culinary or hotel management schools or colleges present in the country. In this article, the readers and the viewers will get to know about the average amount you need to pay for a cooking studio rental hong kong whether it be for making cooking videos that you can share on different social media sites or taking classes for the juniors if you are a professional and well known in this industry.

Amount of rent to be paid in different sizes of cooking studios in Hong Kong-

  • A cooking studio of 700 square feet floor area and can accommodate 40 people. The rent of this place is HK$ 800 per hour and can rent the place for a maximum of 3 hours. This studio contains an open kitchen, refrigerator, kitchen cooktops, kitchen utensils, ovens, air purifiers, induction cookers, and a long l-shaped table setup.
  • A cooking studio of 1800 square feet floor area. This area can be rented based on hour or daily; in the case of hourly you can rent the place for a maximum of three hours for an amount of HK $1000 and based on daily rent the charges are HK$ 10560 on weekdays and HK$ 14500 on weekends. This place can accommodate 50 people.

cooking studio rental hong kong

Hong Kong is a city and also an administrative part of the southern part of the country of China on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta. This city is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, a financial hub of the country, and also one of the most developed cities in the world. This city was first settled and was under the control of the English Crown from 26th January 1841 to 29th August 1842 after the Treaty of Nanking was passed. Later this city was taken over after the invasion of the Japanese from 25th December 1941 to 30th August 1945. And lastly, since 1st July 1997, the city has been taken over by China.

How much to take from the public if you set up a professional cooking class?

  • If you set up a class for teaching summer curries then you can charge HK$ 450 to HK$ 800 per person.
  • If you set up a cooking class for teaching Thai and Indian, then you can divide the proficiency into different levels like in the preliminary level you can charge HK$ 650 per person, and at the professional level, you can charge HK$ 980 per person.
  • If you are taking classes only for cupcakes, muffins, simple cakes, and cookies you can charge HK$ 480 and for teaching complicated birthday or wedding cake recipes then you may charge HK$ 1080 per person.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article clearly defines the rental price of cooking studios hourly or per day.

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