The Health Benefits of Gin Tonic Mix

In 2020 alone, over 10 million bottles of gin will be bought. But, like the age-old question of whether or not wine is good for you, many people are wondering if this popular spirit has any health benefits of its own. As with other types of alcohol, there is some evidence that drinking a small amount of wine every day can help lower the risk of heart attacks.

This applies to one small glass per day, as studies have shown that the risk of heart disease goes up dramatically when you drink three glasses per day. It could make all the difference if you learned to ask for a single drink instead of a double. Not only will drinking in moderation help you avoid a hangover, but it could also keep you from having to give up alcohol altogether.

It can help people with hay fever

Switching to gin in the summer could help ease your coughs and sneezes if you have hay fever. This might not seem like the most obvious way to treat hay fever. The idea is that drinks that have been fermented, like beer and cider, have more histamine in them. This can make hay fever symptoms worse. So, if you choose clear spirits like gin instead, you can slow them down in a roundabout way. Okay, so it doesn’t cure hay fever completely, but every little bit helps.

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It has few calories

People who are trying to lose weight often stop drinking alcohol because it has a lot of calories. But gin has only 97 calories per shot, making it one of the spirits with the fewest calories.

Add a low-calorie mixer, like diet lemonade or tonic water, and the total is still much lower than what you’d get from the average glass of wine (160 calories) or pint of beer (220 calories) (208 calories).

And not too high in sugar

Gin has only traces of sugar, which makes it a good choice if you want to lose weight, especially if you choose your mixer carefully. So that’s a check for gin and a no for sugary carbonated drinks.

It prevents wrinkles

Juniper berries are the main ingredient in gin with premium drink mixers, and they are full of antioxidants. These, in turn, can help your skin look healthy and young. This means that, in theory, your smooth, wrinkle-free face could be due to how often you drink cocktails.

It helps with gas

Juniper berries are also a natural laxative, and the herbs used to make gin are known for helping the digestive process. So, if you often get bloated after drinking alcohol, switching to gin will give you a flatter stomach than your usual drink and help you feel less bloated.

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