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As there are number of aquatic organisms available but the fish is the one which is consumed most by the people. There are various reasons for the consumption of the fish and now we will discuss about all these things. The first reason for the most consumption of the fish is the easy availability of the fish. As fish can be grown in any type of water as there are plenty of species of fishes are available. So the availability of the fish has been increased depending upon the sources. Apart from the availability of the fish the nutritional value of the fish is also high when compared to the other species. You will get numerous nutrients and minerals by eating the fish. Apart from them you will get extra vitamins from the fish. You can make lots of varieties of fish by using various types of ingredients. Among them chilli fish is one type of variety which is very delicious to eat if you prepare well. So lots of acre has to be taken while preparing the chilli fish so that you will get the required taste of the fish. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind while preparing fish is you have to preserve all the essential elements that you will get from the fish.

chilli fish

Care to be taken while cooking fish.

  • Before going to cook fish there are some things that you need to take care so that you will get the best taste of the fish.
  • The cooking of the fish will be started with cleaning of the fish. The scales that are present on the outer surface of the skin.
  • The proper cleaning of the scale has to be done before cooking otherwise it will affect your throat and cause difficulties.
  • The selection of the fish for the dish that you are wanted is important. Suppose if you are planning to prepare chilli fish then the fish should be selected like wise.
  • The size of the fish will make more matter in the preparation of the dish and the selection of the fish will play a key role.
  • After the selection of the fish the cutting of the fish is also important because if you cut too small or too large then you won’t get the desired dish. So you need to take care on this too.


By taking all the care you can prepare delicious fish.

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