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Singaporeans are big-time seafood lovers, and they love a good plate full of delicious seafood cook delicacies. Be it the occasion of a get-together or a celebration a good prawn dish is always in for everyone. You can add them to a Singaporean curry or even cook other special dishes as you like. There are markets all across Singapore from where one can purchase prawns easily.

There are so many reasons why prawns are so popular. Some of them are given below:-

  • The taste: First things first, prawns taste delicious all the time. The meat of the prawn is loved by one and all, no matter how you cook it. Chili prawns remain to be one of the most popular Singaporean delicacies of all time. However, there are other local dishes as well which are famous among the people.
  • Nutrition value: Another common reason why people choose to incorporate a food item in their daily dietary practice is its high nutritional value. The same goes with prawns. Streams are found to be high in protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin a, and vitamin e. Along with that prawns are also rich in vitamin b12, b6, and iron. There have been medical studies that indicate boosting of production of red blood cells in the body if you incorporate prawns in one’s diet.
  • Easy to cook: Unlike other meats such as fish or chicken, prawns don’t take much time to cook and are also so less effort taking. You can prepare a delicious prawn dish in a few minutes where as others might take several hours.

Where to buy big prawns in Singapore? 

Know Where to buy big prawns in Singapore? To cook a delicious prawn dish, it is important to buy the best quality prawns available. This might sound like a task where you have to go to the market and knock on the doors of every meat shop to get the best quality. But, it so works no more since there are some of the best online shops available just a few clicks away.

You can order fresh prawns from anywhere in Singapore and get them delivered right in a few hours after placing the order with no compromise in quality. The best pawn shops in short that you receive the biggest and juiciest prawns for the special dish and savor every bite.

Making the best prawn dish ever by you is not difficult anymore since you don’t have to work hard to get good quality prawns.

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