Where To Buy Authentic Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream?

Summers are coming, and one of the best ways to spend your summer is with ice creams and many ocherous. People find it satisfying to chill their mouth with the flavors they dream of, and it can be an exotic fruit like Durian. But what is Durian, and why should one try it?

Durian was founded in Asian countries and exported worldwide due to its pungent smell and exotic flavor. One liking Durian has a very acquired taste, just like the one prefers Roe. Still, it is the most famous and favorite fruit in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia.

It is also known as the king of fruit because of its colossal appearance and golden color, indicating royalty. The fruit looks like Jackfruit but has way more significant Spikes in it, and the smells and seeds are very distinct that it doesn’t compare to any fruit giving its name the king of fruit being and exotic.

Mao Shan Wang ice cream

How The Durian Icecream Idea Came Out From The Mind Of Asian People?

  • As Durian is an exotic fruit, it is hard to digest, and in humid summer, eating Durian directly can cause gastritis. In addition, it can increase your body temperature if consumed more than enough.
  • Many people don’t like the consistency of the Durian when it is too yellow and slimy, making the weather look more greasy. Imagine having something moist and hot in already hot summer weather. Exactly many of us don’t want that even when we Crave Durian.
  • Since everyone was struggling with consuming more or less but couldn’t satisfy the craving of the Exotic fruit Dorian. It was most probably the idea to make it as an ice cream using the essential element of the pulpy float as the flavor to make the body cooler in summer, satisfying the taste the craving at the same time without worrying about the texture of the fruit.
  • Also, making the ice cream would reduce the smell and efficiency of bringing the heaviest fruit you like for your snack by eliminating it into the cups in an awesome cool edible.

These problems will be solved without worrying about the favoriteflavor you like indirectly consuming, Durian.

Final Thoughts

One can eat as much as they want because it is not pure Durian but processed, and also the ice cream we provide is 100% authentic and natural, only made with the best quality durians one must try.

Mao Shan Wang ice cream is the most famous ice cream that contains exotic fruit and is exported worldwide.

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