How can you manage a food delivery business?

It could be known as the ghost kitchen, dark kitchen, satellite kitchen, and virtual restaurant. A cloud kitchen is only a delivery restaurant that is not offering dine-in for the customers. It is only getting orders online or through calls. When you like to have a low investment and lesser risk but you like to gain high profit. The setup of a commissary kitchen is less risky compared to the traditional dine-in and takeaway type of restaurant. It gives a chance to experiment in other formats and concepts which are now made to deliver food.

Variety of cloud kitchen business models

Single brand

It is a variety of dark kitchen ideas where you only have to manage one concept and theme. It is offering one to two cuisines and has a small menu that can have 10 to 15 items in it. The standard size of the cloud kitchen can be 300 sq ft in size.

Virtual restaurants

The virtual restaurant is a brand that works from the inside of the present restaurant. It has a list of online food and manages the kitchen and resources of the store but it is on a different name. It gives you a different menu from the restaurant. It is also a good idea to make new cuisine which is quite different from what the restaurant is famous for.

dark kitchen ideas

Multi-brand cloud kitchens

It gives the hosts the chance to make different brands and gives an easier way to expand the business. The multi-brand cloud kitchen is a big kitchen where you can have different brands all at the same time. You can also use the resources and equipment. The brands have different cuisines and it satisfies the needs of the customers. It also indulges wide customers and sells more to the customers. This is a good idea so you can reach all your customers in a wide range.

Co-working spaces

It is a shared kitchen space that has multiple restaurant brands which you can rent and operate.

The spaces in the unit are standard and have complete equipment and utilities. The place is located where the customers can easily reach it. Most especially when there is a certain cuisine prepared.

Operator managed kitchens

It runs the operations of the existing or expecting restaurants brands. It is listed on the online food and it gets orders from the operator of the cloud kitchen or call center. Everything is being settled and prepared by a third party which is being checked by the operator.

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